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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Eli Krejci who was born in Birmingham,  Alabama on February 16, 2005.  He was born with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  Eli was perfect other than this birth defect.  He has his hernia repair about 10 days after he was born, which included using a gortex patch to cover the hole in his diaphragm.  He was progressing well when at the beginning of April his feeding tube punctured his intestine and this meant another surgery.  Yet again, Eli recovered and was weaned off the ventilator.  There was talk of bottle feeding soon and even going home to Biloxi, MS.  We were so excited and our daughter Caitlin who was 3 at the time couldn't wait to "play" with her baby Eli.  In early June Eli was having reflux issues and aspirated.  Some of the formula made its way to his lungs and pneumonia followed.  He was on ECMO, which is a heart/lung bypass machine, for 3 weeks.  The hope was that if his lungs had a chance to rest they could recover.  He was taken off ECMO around the end of June and we prayed that he could once again overcome a fierce fight.  We lost Eli on July 6, this battle proved to be to much for our little superman.  We miss him so very much, especially his Sissy but we know that we have a perfect angel looking out for us and we can't wait to see him and hold him and give him lots of hugs and big sugars again someday!!
Tributes and Condolences
Happy Birthday   / Mommy
Happy Birthday Eli.  I sure do wish you were here to celebrate your 6th birthday but I know that your party in Heaven will be one of a kind with the Angels playing with you.  I love and miss you more than words can say.
love and miss you   / Mommy (Mommy)
Eli Mommy thinks of you all the time and I tell everybody about you when I am given a chance! I love you so much baby boy and would give anything to hold you again and give you big sugars!!
July 6   / Mommy (Mommy)
Baby Eli,

As it was 4 years ago, it is raining.  We believe Heaven was crying with us as we had to let you go that day.  I will never forget holding you as you slipped away to Heaven's Playground and the countless tears I have cr...  Continue >>
With Jesus   / Patsy Stafford (Cousin)
Little Eli is with Jesus and Aunt Merlene is Rocking him and singing to him. What a wnderful feeling.
sweet friendship   / Jennifer Evans
Eli, I hope you and Joshua are the best’s of friends. I know your mommy and I are. If it were not for you being so special, I would not have the special friend I have in her. I think we would have been friends any way, but you two boys friend b...  Continue >>
sweet friendship  / Jennifer Evans     Read >>
Little Footprints  / Jennifer Evans     Read >>
"Special place in our hearts"  / Chris And Elizabeth Dollar (Family Friend )    Read >>
Sweet Baby Eli  / Laura Santini (friend)    Read >>
A place in my heart!  / Debbie Garrison (Nurse)    Read >>
My Other Little Baby  / Joy Robinson (Aunt)    Read >>
Sweet Baby Eli  / Tiffany &. Jacob Whalen (3rd cousin )    Read >>
God's little Angel  / Jim &. Debbie Hamrac (2nd cousin )    Read >>
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